Firearms Transfers

Gun transfers occur when a private party purchases a gun online and needs the gun shipped to them. The firearm is shipped to the buyer’s local FFL so he may transfer it to the buyer. An unlicensed individual is prohibited from directly transferring a firearm to another unlicensed person residing in another state. CMP ARMS can assist you in doing this transfer. 

Regardless of the purpose of the transfer (gift, trade, loan, sale, ownership, etc.) this restriction applies to all types of firearms.

To complete a firearm transaction with CMP ARMS we need the following information to complete the transfer:

Please return this  pdf form via fax (623) 561-1447 or by email to We can complete the transfer of a gun you may have bought when the sending FFL sends your gun and a copy of their FFL license to us. We will contact you when we have processed the gun and set up a convenient time to pick the gun up. You will pay a small transfer fee for each gun transferred.

We can assist you sending a gun out of state to your buyer too. We would require the same information as above: this form. We will make arrangements with you to drop off your firearm to be shipped from our office. A small transfer fee along with the shipping charges will be paid to us. We will ship the gun to the receiving FFL who will deliver it to your buyer. We make the process of transfers easy for you.

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