How To Buy A Gun Online

  1. Order the firearm you want completing the checkout process and make payment to us.

  2. To receive this firearm, you must have a local FFL receive it for transfer to you. The process is simple.

  3. Select an FFL in your area to accept transfer for you. Your local gun shop would be able to assist you. By Federal Law, we will only ship to another FFL dealer.

  4. If you would like to check a list of FFL dealers in your area, use the FFL directory here:

  5. Have your designated FFL fax a copy of their current FFL license to (623) 561-1447 or email to

  6. Please make sure they indicate they’re the transferring dealer for you. We receive multiple emailed FFL’s and want to be sure your gun goes to the correct FFL.

  7. Once we have payment in full and a copy of the receiving FFL, your firearm will be shipped to your FFL.

  8. We will provide appropriate tracking information to your FFL and you.

  9. Once the firearm is received by your FFL they will make the transfer to you.

  10. If the firearm buyer is a resident of the State of Arizona, we can transfer the firearm directly to you at our location. Please call to schedule an appointment (623) 332 7045. A valid Arizona Driver’s License with your residence address is required. If you have an Arizona CCW permit, please bring that with you. Without a CCW permit we will complete the required NICS background check.

  11. If the firearm buyer is a resident of the state of Arizona but not in the Phoenix/Peoria area and desires the firearm shipped, the process is the same as stated above. The shipping fee needs to be paid and a copy of the receiving FFL required.

  12. If you have questions, please email us at