FFL Fees

  1. All firearm sales are final and there are no returns.
  2. Transfer Fees For Incoming Guns:
    • a. For guns being accepted for transfer to you there is $20 transfer fee with a valid Arizona Driver’s License and Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.
    • b. For guns being accepted for transfer to you there is $30 transfer fee if a background check must be run.
    • c. We require a copy of the Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers license and your valid Arizona State Driver’ License before the gun can be transferred.
  3. Transfer Fees For Outgoing Guns:
    • a. The transfer fee for shipping guns to another FFL is $20.00.
    • b. Do not package and tape up your gun for shipping. We need to enter the serial number of your gun in our ATF Book. Appropriate packaging is required to assure the gun ships safely. If you do not bring an appropriate box and bubble wrap we will supply it for a charge.
    • c. We will determine the shipping method that is cost effective. You will be responsible for the shipping fees. We always recommend insurance on shipments but you will have the opportunity to deny the added insurance. We will only ship to Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers. We require a copy of the receiving FFL’s license prior to shipping. We will also need your Arizona Driver’s License.
  4. This should not be considered a complete list of fees charged. Special situations may arise beyond our control that change the fee structure. We will be able to keep you updated of any changing fees.