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CMP ARMS provides you a comprehensive solution for your firearm, gunsmithing and training needs. We can handle your requests no matter how specialized, be it firearms, accessories or ammunition. CMP ARMS LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer in Arizona. We buy from eight different distributors so we can cater to the individualized needs of our customers at the best price. We TRANSFER guns for our customers. If you have bought a gun somewhere else on the internet we will act as your receiving FFL. If you need to ship a firearm we can do that too. Please contact us prior to making any transfer so we have the correct information about your transfered firearm.



If you are looking for a neat plinking gun, concealed carry gun, or a .50 caliber 1911 we can accommodate you. Want a revolver instead? We can handle your needs with just about any make or model. We can help size the guns to your hand. We want to make sure the size, grip, and feel of the gun is correct for you. We can make firearm suggestions based on this information. The correct grip makes shooting the handgun more comfortable which enhances training with the firearm. We have an array of guns to choose from and can special order most guns. 



Big box stores prices are grossly inflated. Look to the specialists who cater to your needs. We carry all the top manufacturers of today’s fighting rifles, hunting rifles and shotguns with all competitively priced. With all the choices in rifles and shotguns today, almost any budget can be accomodated. 



We have more inventory than we can show here on our website. Let us know what you’re looking for. Contact us at . Whether you want a range gun, something to hit the 500-yard steel gong, or want a hard-running handgun we’ve got what you need. We can also special order any gun, usually receiving it within days.

$100,000,000 in firearms, ammunition and accessories are available in our WEBSTORE   To see distributor daily specials check often. Use the ITEM SEARCH feature to look for that next firearm purchase. We have firearms to meet everyone’s budget. Webstore guns ship promptly and usually are received in our office within 2-3 days.  NO CREDIT CARD FEES CHARGED.


NRA Certified InstructorTRAINING?

Training with your gun is an essential part of responsible firearm ownership, especially if you carry concealed. Our instructor is NRA Certified in Pistol Instruction and Personal Protection in the Home as well as a NRA Certified Safety Range Officer. 

Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Classes are being scheduled. Carry concealed in over 30 states with your permit. Avoid the FBI background check when purchasing firearms. Your concealed carry permit shows you have chosen to learn the fundamentals of pistol shooting from an experienced instructor. 

We offer a variety of Defensive Firearms Courses that go beyond any beginner course. We have crafted courses for both beginner and advanced shooters. We incorporate static and dynamic drills in our workshops that improve your abilities to operate and shoot your gun accurately. Our Instructor brings decades of shooting, safety and firearms experience to our dynamic group. Our Instructor has graduate, advanced graduate and distinguished graduate certifications in handgun, shotgun and carbine from esteemed training schools and private nationally recognized instructors. He teaches our NRA Approved Clssses as well as the Defensive and Advanced Tactical Firearms Classes. He instructs Women's Only Firearms Training and many other firearm and safety classes. Our Instructor is available for private one-on-one or group training based on your needs. Visit our TRAINING page to begin shooting more accurately and carrying concealed more confidently. 



We have an inhouse gunsmith to handle your needs. Visit our GUNSMITHING page for services.


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